About Us

Who we are

HBC Company is an electrical contracting firm founded in 1992, is committed to quality products and services that offer cost effective and comprehensive electrical installations, from pre-construction planning to project completion. Through the company’s reliable long term approach they provide electrical engineering, installation and construction services that are cost effective and trustworthy.

Corporate Philosophy

HBC Company, Inc. believes that team cooperation is required to provide quality workmanship in the most efficient manner and at the most effective cost. HBC has established outstanding working relationships with the general contractors and manufacturing clients they have performed work for. Furthermore, HBC’s employment policies have enabled the company to maintain outstanding long-term employees that share a mutual “Team Approach” philosophy.

Team Work Always Works

HBC believes that “There’s No Easy Way,” but with their enthusiastic and reliable staff, they welcome the challenges and can complete every task put in front of them.

Vision Statement

Though HBC Company Inc.’s years of experience, dedication, and honesty, they are committed to becoming one of the most desirable electrical contractors in the industry. HBC believes “There’s No Easy Way” but with their devoted, reliable, and enthusiastic staff they welcome challenges and can complete every task put in front of them.

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